Down Undar

Down Undar is an AR mobile app developed in Unity, where the user can create and interact with their tabletop animal sanctuary in AR. I was responsible for the artistic direction of the characters, being lead 3D artist and creating five of the characters in the game. I was also responsible for creating the system architecture for the saving, shop, inventory and animal data mechanisms in C#. As team leader I worked with the team to facilitate effective communication and collaboration between all members of the art and development teams, to ensure consistency and efficiency.

I am responsible for the modeling, topology, UV's and textures of the following characters:

Beauty / Wireframe of Kangaroo

Beauty render of Kangaroo

Zbrush screenshot of Kangaroo

Beauty / Wireframe of Koala

Beauty / Wireframe of Koala

Beauty / Wireframe of Crocodile

Beauty / Zbrush Screenshot of Crocodile

Albedo maps of kangaroo and crocodile

Beauty render of Shark

Beauty / Wireframe of Shark

Beauty / Wireframe of Rhino