Cadbury Elf

I was both 3D artist and lead developer on an Augmented Reality app that was released over Christmas 2018. The app (Elfie Selfie) is a mobile AR app where three elves animate and interact with you in three different selfie filters. Along with the app itself, we also created two rendered ads for the publishing material. I was responsible for the 3D modeling and texturing as well as the app development.

I sculpted the elf in Zbrush, retopologised and created UV's with Maya. Texturing was done with Substance Painter and Designer - I created a custom felt material to match the design brief. The Elf was created to be both rendered and game ready by exporting both a low poly and high poly version. I used Unity to create the app, coding in C#.

Different elf characters

Low poly Beauty / Wireframe, as well as an in game screenshot.

Screenshot from facebook ad